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Yu Yu Hakusho [OC]: Nichirino Mira
Well, it took me some time, but I'm finally done with my Yu Yu Hakusho OC!

Thank you again to RiaBodai for her patience and help, and also for correcting the drawing where I messed up the shading!

Hope you like Mira-chan, and if you do, please leave a comment! Also, if you don't like something about her, let me know that too, so I can avoid the same problem with my future OCs!


Kanji: 日輪のミラー

Romaji: Nichirino Mira

Alias: Ozorano Kisaki (大空の后)


Gender: Female

Age: 18 (human), Unknown (demon)

Height: 157 cm (human), 164 cm (demon)

Birthday: February 11 (Aquarius)

Hair Color: Blond

Eye Color: Brown (human), Golden (demon)


Occupation: Diplomat of the Human Realm

Previous Occupation: Queen


    ·         Minamino Shuichi/Yoko Kurama

    ·         Urameshi Yusuke

    ·         Kuwabara Kazuma

    ·         Jaganshi Hiei

Previous Partner(s):

    ·         Hisakatano Hoseki/Heruno Omono

    ·         Arashino Nobegane/Tochino Koshaku


Status: Alive


    ·         Hisakatano Hoseki/Heruno Omono (brother)

    ·         Arashino Nobegane/Tochino Koshaku (brother)


Japanese Voice: Miyuki Sawashiro


Mira is a small 18-years-old human girl with shoulder-lenght blond hair and brown eyes, and a slightly muscular body with fair skin.

Her currenct attire consists of a white shirt with a denim jacket over it and a claret mini-skirt. She also wears a pair of black stockings and ankle boots.

As the demon Ozorano Kisaki, she had long blond hair that reached down to her thighs and golden eyes. She wore a dandelion-colored kimono over a daffodil-colored gown that split at the front so she could move and fight easily; these were tied with a dijon-colored sash under the breasts. She also tied some of her hair up into a bun with a sun-shaped hair ornament, and she always walked barefoot.


Mira is a extrovert girl: she's energetic and cheerful, and she loves the company of others. Although sometimes she appears to be childish and naive, she's actually very wise and can be mature when she wants to. She has a good insight on other people and foresight on the things happening around her. She also has a generous heart and she's, according to Kurama, "a master of forgiveness".

She had a similar personality as the demon Ozorano Kisaki, but she was more cautious with the people around her. Although the Demon Realm demanded her to be cold and cruel, she was always helpful and kind to those who she deemed worhty of her trust.

Despite her cheerful personality, deep down Mira is insecure about not being accepted by others - something that comes from her childhood.


Mira was originally born as the demon Ozorano Kisaki in the Demon Realm, along with her brothers Heruno Omono and Tochino Koshaku. Although their accual date of birth is unknown, it is known that they were born before Raizen, Mukuro and Yomi became rulers of the Demon Realm, as Kisaki, Omono and Koshaku were the original queen, king and prince of that world.

Kisaki used to have a good relationship with her brother Omono until he killed one of Kisaki's servants out of jealousy. When Kisaki realized what twisted feelings Omono had for her, she banished him from her kingdom and ordered her servants and soldiers to kill him if he ever set a foot back into it.

Her relationship with her other brother was the other way around. At the beginning, they used to fight a lot, mostly because Koshaku saw her as his rival. But after Koshaku set on a journey after loosing another fight to his sister, he returned with the intention of mending their distant relationship, and the two of them became very close.

Also, during her time as a demon, Kisaki used to be the lover of the infamous Yoko Kurama, whom she loved dearly. However, the demon fox didn't appear to return her feelings, and he left her broken hearted.

Many years later, when their brother Omono started to gain too much power and began to pose a threat to the Human Realm, Kisaki and Koshaku made a deal with the Spirit Realm: since Omono was too powerful to kill, Kisaki and Koshaku would help restrain him long enough for the Spirit Realm to make him reborn as a human so that he would be weak enough to kill. However, when Kisaki and Koshaku saw their infant brother they were unable to kill him, so they asked King Enma to make them human too, hoping to have a new and better life in the Human Realm.

Unfortunately, after their rebirth in the Human Realm, the three siblings got separated as infants in the orphanage where they were found. Mira got adopted almost right away; there was nothing wrong with her step-parents: they were kind and loving - until they had a child of their own, and sent Mira back to the orphanage. This happened countless of times, until Mira finally had enough and decided to leave the orphanage once and for all. Although she was only 14 at that time, she escaped and never looked back.

Life on the streets were though and cruel, but thanks to the help of Shokobu Sen, a vendor in the city where Mira had settled down, she survived and learned to love humans.


Spirit Realm Light Manipulation: Although being a demon in her previous life, Mira has the power to summon the Light of the Spirit Realm - an ability she had even as Ozorano Kisaki. She uses the Light to blind her foes, to protect her allies, and to create weapons for herself. Her power is the strongest against demons, and during daytime.

Strategics: Originally being a thousands and thousands of years old demon, Mira gained a lot of fighting experience. Although her human body isn't nearly as strong as her demon body used to be, it still has a high endurance to pain. Mira can easily and quickly analyze her opponents and can hide her emotions very well, but sometimes they can still take the better of her. Although preferring capture over kill and hating violence, Mira has no problem with taking down her enemies if they give her no other choice.


    ·         Her human name, Nichirino Mira (日輪のミラー), means "Mirror of the Sun" in Japanese.

    ·         Her demon name, Ozorano Kisaki (大空の后), means "Queen of Heaven" in Japanese.

    ·         Her birthday, February 11, is the national Foundation Day in Japan.

Art © Duscinia

Nichirino Mira © Duscinia 

Sketch © RiaBodai 

Yu Yu Hakusho © Yoshihiro Togashi

Yona of the Dawn [OC]: Mao
After a lot of thinking, I decided to return to my original idea regarding my Yona of the Dawn fanfiction; that meant that Ruma (now Mao) returned to being a Dragon Warrior with a brand new personality (highly based on Tsukiyomi Ikuto from Shugo Chara! and Jaganshi Hiei from Yu Yu Hakusho).

I hope you like her, too!



Romaji: Mao

Alias: Dark Dragon (アンコリュ, Ankokuryuu)


Gender: Female

Age: 15

Height: 156 cm

Birthday: May 5 (Taurus)

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Scarlet


Occupation: bodyguard

Previous Occupation: assassin


    ·         Yoon

    ·         Yona

    ·         Hak

    ·         Kija

    ·         Shin-Ah

    ·         Jae-Ha

    ·         Zeno

Previous Partner(s): League of the Black Wing


Status: Alive


    ·         Sheshe (Mother)

    ·         Long (Father)


Japanese Voice: Haruka Tomatsu


Mao is a petite 15-years old girl with black hair and scarlet red eyes. Working as an assassin had turned her body muscular and flexible, and her originally pale skin slightly tan.

Her current attire consists of a light brown overcoat with dark brown borderlines at the sleeves; under that, she wears a dark blue vest with an off-white gown underneath, and a sash around the waist. She also wears a pair of simple black shoes, and ties some of her hair up with a band.


Before joining Yona's group, Mao used to be an enigmatic, aloof and stoic person. She used to have a very cynical and misanthropic view of the world around her, often belittling other people for their emotions and the significance they placed in things like love and friendship.

As an assassin, Mao used to be quite unbiased when it came to her targets: she didn't care if they were man or woman; a target was a target. Despite her ruthlessness, however, she still had a policy about not hurting children.

She slowly changed for the better after joining Yona and the others. She became sweet and kind, and her opinion about humans changed, too. When it comes to her loved ones, especially Yoon, she can be very selfless and protective.

Her old personality hadn't completely disappeared, though: she remained a tough girl, who was not afraid to use violence against people she believed deserved it.


Born into the League of the Black Wing as a Dark Dragon, Mao received a hard and ruthless training. Just like her fellow Dark Dragons, she was also viewed as just an object to use. Years and years of physical and mental abuse had turned her into a cold person, who only cared about getting the given job done.

Despite being the daughter of Long and Sheshe, the leaders of the League, she had to work really hard to earn the respect of her fellow assassins - something she only wanted to earn so that they wouldn't bother her.

Her path crossed with Yona's when the League sent her out to kill her and the dragon warriors to prevent them from uniting the kingdoms. After an accident, she and Yoon got separated from the others, and had to work together in order to survive. A strong bond started to form between them, which eventually led to Mao's decision to leave the League and join Yona's group in their quest to unite Kouka, Sei and Xing.


Dragon's Aura: As a Dark Dragon, Mao has the ability to deactivate the other dragons' powers. For example, when Kija tried to strike her with his Dragon Claw, Mao stopped it like it was a normal human's arm. She also can't fall victim to Shin-Ah's Dragon Eyes, and Zeno can't heal when they're near to each other. She can also cloak herself from the other dragons, so they wouldn't be able to sense her when she's near them.

Martial Skills: As a member of the League of the Black Wing, Mao started to recieve a brutal training as soon as she learned how to walk. She's really good at hand-to-hand combat, but prefers to keep her distance with a Chinese Chain Whip.

Herbology and Toxicology: As a member of the League, Mao also had to learn about herbs and toxins in order to heal and to kill. Although the League prefers toxicology, Mao is better at herbology.


    ·         Just like the other members of the League of the Black Wing, her name also means an animal from the Chinese Zodiac.

                  ~   Her name, Mao (), means "cat" in Chinese.

                  ~   The Cat is not an official member of the Chinese Zodiac; his counterpart is the Rabbit.

    ·         Her birthday, May 5, is the national Children's Day in Japan.

    ·         Her choice of weapon, the Chinese Chain Whip, is used in some Chinese martial arts.

Art © Duscinia 

Mao © Duscinia 

Sketch © RiaBodai 

Yona of the Dawn © Mizuho Kusanagi



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